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Work takes up so much of our lives and yet finding work and managing our careers can be difficult. Let's see if we can change that.

The way that we manage our careers is changing. More people have portfolio careers. We're job hunting more often and starting our own side-businesses.

If this is the case, why is it so hard to find a job smoothly? Poor job descriptions, no salaries and even worse no responses.

Also more people than ever have a side business to help them earn some extra money or launch that start-up so we're here to offer real, honest content to help inspire you on your journey.

We're just getting started! If there is content you are searching for, let us know using the contact us page.


Why Join Wrk Crush?

Why should you sign up to Wrk Crush? Well because we're aiming to do things a little different. Job hunting shouldn't be as frustrating as it is, so we're looking to smooth the process by...


We only Advertise Jobs with Salaries

We only post jobs with an advertised salary.


Application deadlines

All vacancies are listed with an application deadline. No more applying for jobs that have already gone.



Receive email notifications when a candidate applies to your advertised role.


Account Verification

No Spam, no fake companies. All users and companies must verify account to apply for roles.


Detailed Job Descriptions

We ask all companies to include as much information as possible in job descriptions such as the job level, salary, shift pattern and benefits.


Apply with LinkedIn

An easy, convenient way to apply to a job.


Add a video to enhance your profile

No more boring CVs, attach a video resumes to your profile.


Dynamic Profile Pages

Build your own personal profile pages with your experience information, skills level and even a video profile. Let recruiters know if you're available for work.

Looking for career advice or to get that side hustle started?

Looking for career advice or to get that side hustle started?
If you're in need of some career advice, content to inspire you to start that side business or just want to kick back and read some useful lifestyle content, take a look at your blog 'For the 5-9'.


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