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67% of job seekers try to find information about salaries when researching a company or looking at job ads

We know, money isn't everything! But when it comes to job seekers, it is an important factor that applicants are seeking when applying for jobs. Here at Wrk Crush we're bringing transparency to the job hunting process and we hope that you'll help us!

Got a vacant position? Advertise with us. We advertise roles in the corporate world, start-ups and beyond. As long as you're currently hiring for a legitimate role we'd love to have you on board.

Any position type is great but all advertised roles must have a salary. We also love roles that offer flexible working, remote or maybe even a relocation opportunity.

Let's help someone find their dream job smoothly. Post your job with us.


Why advertise your vacancy with Wrk Crush?

We're aiming to do things a little different when it comes to job hunting.


We only Advertise Jobs with Salaries

Taking a major frustration out of Job hunting.


Branded Company Profile Pages

All packages include the option for a company page.


Use Screening Questions

All packages include the option to include screening questions to filter applications faster.


In built Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Receive, sort and manage applications directly within the Wrk Crush Dashboard


Account Verification

No Spam. Users must verify account to apply for roles.


Email Templates

Built in email templates to manage candidate applications and communications.


Dashboard Notifications

Receive email notifications when a candidate applies to your advertised role.


Apply with LinkedIn

Providing a convenient way for applicants to apply to a job. Employers receive candidate LinkedIn profile as a resume.


Fully Responsive Website

Fully responsive website that makes it easy for candidates to browse and apply for roles on WrkCrush.com.


Choose how to receive applications

Receive applications directly within the Wrk Crush Dashboard, via email or re-direct to your company website


Option for video resumes

No more boring CVs, candidates can attach video resumes to their profile.


Company Video Option

Add a company video profile to enhance your businesses' profile

Got a Question?

Take a look at our FAQs to help answer some of your questions.


Let's help someone find their dream job

We may be new here, but it's our mission to help you recruit the best candidates. We only post high quality positions with excellent information attracting the best talent out there.

How to Advertise your Job with Wrk Crush

Advertising your role with us is easy...


Register for a Free Account

Register for an account with us for free. Companies can also build a profile page complete with option to add portfolios and videos.


Update your Company Profile

Set up your company profile in the Dashboard. Don't forget to add your company's social media links and a company logo.


Post your job

Post a job and get started for free! All jobs are reviewed (within 24 hours) before they go live. Up to two free postings per employer.


Get some great candidates

Track applications within our dashboard or link out to your own careers page. Wait for the great candidate applications to roll in.

Post your vacancy for Free

Get started for free. As welcome gift, we're giving all new companies that register with us the opportunity to post two standard vacancies for free. All job submissions are reviewed (within 24 hours) before they go live.

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The Wrk Crush Mission
Let's work together to improve the job hunting process for everyone. Join us on our mission.

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