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Editorial Guidelines

Positive, useful content aimed at inspiring. Our community is filled with ambitious, go-getters. They want to get practical advice and resources to help them on their journey.

We ask that our contributors bring your expertise and commentary on topics personal to them that they are familiar with. Take a look at some of our previous content to get a feel for the style of article we publish.

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Here are some ideas of article formats you can submit:

  • Lists: Examples are article such as: 10 tips”, “10 secrets to”, “5 tactics on”, “10 lessons”, “7 mistakes”, “ etc.
  • How-To: Share your expertise and knowledge so that our readers can easily understand and take action.
  • Trends: Identify hot products, applications, changes on the market, trendy items, next big thing. Readers don’t have time to research so they love to read about what’s hot and new.

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Amplifying content

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    • Not adhered to the contributors’ guidelines
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