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Hands up if you love job hunting? Didn’t think so. The way that we manage our careers is changing. Not only are we job hunting more often. The average person spends five years or less in a job which means we’re devoting more and more time to changing careers. In addition to this, more people have portfolio careers where they start their own side-businesses or work on a passion project outside of their main 9-5 as a creative release or to earn extra money.

Given these trends why isn’t there an easier way to find jobs that embraces this new dynamic?

It’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves and we thought there must be a better way.

That’s why we’ve launched Wrk Crush. We’re brining all things careers from the dark ages.

So what’s our aim?

Looking for a 9-5?

Why is it so hard to find a job smoothly? Poor job descriptions, no salaries and even worse no responses to your application.

On Wrk Crush, we only advertise roles with a salary. Why? Because we believe that there needs to be more transparency in the job search process and we’re starting with this. No more blindly applying for a position only to find that it is way below your desired salary range. We know that salary isn’t everything. But it is a major factor in the job search process.

We’ve also got other exciting developments in the pipeline.

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And what about starting your own side hustle /business passion / project?

More people than ever have a side business to help them earn some extra money or a project that they run outside of their main job. Our blog content aims to bring amazing content to help inspire you on your journey. Read the Blog.

We’re just getting started

It’s only the beginning! As we build our site we’d love to have your feedback so that we’re building a platform that is caters to your career needs. Take our survey to let us know your thoughts on what we’ve built so far and also your frustrations with the job-hunting process.

Spread the word about Wrk Crush. Let’s build a community that inspires each other and helps each other to grow professionally. Together we grow.

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